Our Whiskeys

Whether you're a lifelong connoisseur or just eager to learn more about Ireland's ancient 'uisce beatha' (water of life), you simply have to visit us and our huge collection of rare and antique Irish whiskeys at The Welcome Inn in the heart of Cork's ancient maritime haven.

This old traditional Cork bar has been serving whiskey since 1845 A.D. and our highly experienced, friendly staff have a deep knowledge and passion for this world famous spirit - we believe we have to know the whiskey ourselves before we can recommend it so you are guaranteed the best Irish whiskey experience here.

Creamy, dark, hot, malty, oaky, citrus, peaty, smoky, woody - just some of the many flavours and tastes of Irish whiskeys that await you. Let us help you find the right whiskey for you, and pinpoint your taste preference.

Your whiskey tasting experience in Cork should be authentic too, and go far beyond tasting that liquid gold in your glass. Our city centre bar has been thriving for nearly 200 years, surviving The Great Famine, the War of Independence, the Irish Civil war and, even, Italia '90 - friendly faces, conversation, craic and toe tappin' music are all part of the very genuine Irish pub experience that awaits you at The Welcome Inn.